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givememyfix-georgia-deactivated asked, "Not at all. I like you already."

I like you too, Georgia.

givememyfix-georgia-deactivated asked, "Why's that?"

I don’t really see a reason to touch your belongings. Hopefully that doesn’t seem offensive. 

givememyfix-georgia-deactivated asked, "Drug addiction. Tip, Do not touch my stuff."

Interesting, I doubt you’ll have a problem with that.

givememyfix-georgia-deactivated asked, "Mind me asking why you're here?"

I have psychosis, what about you lovely?

givememyfix-georgia-deactivated asked, "Hey, I'm Georgia. I'm your newish roommate."

HI Georgia, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Isabella.

Goodbye and all that Jazz.  



I have always too, but I’m trying not to. 

How’s everything with you?


I’m good, but don’t worry about me. Just concentrate on getting yourself home safely and all that stuff.

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Goodbye and all that Jazz.  



Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Really. What could go wrong?

A lot… but I’ve always worried too much anyways. 

I’m sure you’ll be just fine!

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yesterday we were just children.

Hello, I'm Isabella Roberts.
I'm 17 and I'm a patient at Kingston.

inhale - exhale